Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Amy's Bistro Burger

I'm not familiar enough with French cuisine to understand why Amy's decided to dub these delicious little patties the "bistro burger," as their prominent ingredients are mushrooms and rice, giving them a more Eastern European flavor. However, since the word "bistro" is derived from the Russian word meaning "quickly," thanks to Russia pushing Napoleon's troops back to Paris in the War of 1812, it may be an appropriate name after all. Regardless, these veggie burgers are pretty good; not Amy's finest, but good. Mushroom is the predominant flavor, with the only distinguishable spices being salt and coarsely-ground pepper; a little celery rounds it out nicely. They are not particularly high protein (only 5 g) and their squishy, ricey texture is already too starchy to be good on a bun. In comparison to Amy's Texas and Classic Burgers, which are firm, chewy and satisfying, the bistro burger tastes wimpy and anemic.


Dan said...

You know what? You need a scoring system. Maybe use your mad graphics skills to come up with ratings graphics, like we have with movies?

Helen said...

That's a good idea! I've been toying with that idea for a while. I like how your ratings are not just 1-4 stars, so I'm thinking something along those lines only with vegetables instead of coffee terms. Any suggestions?

TQ said...

They are Gluten Free and Dairy Free so that adds to the appeal. I can't have gluten and I miss traditional veggie burgers made out of soy and wheat gluten. So I am going to try these because you said they are not so bad. Thanks for the review.